Sanae Abdulmajeed Assefi

The President of CLAF, Dr. Jamal M. Buzayan, visited the sixteen year old Libyan child, Sanae Abdulmajeed Assefi in Tunis, Tunisia on Sunday, September 11, 2011. On August 9, 2011 Sanae and her family were with six other families riding in four civilian cars leaving the Libyan city of Zawiya. Gaddafi forces opened fire on them. Sanae's aunt was struck by a bullet, between her eyes, fired by Gaddafi snipers; the shot immediately killed her. Sanae and her father left the car and Sanae was hit by an anti-aircraft bullet (14.5 mm) fired by Gaddafi's brigades. The Libyan freedom fighters were able to reach her, rescue her, and take her to the Zintan hospital where doctors treated her and amputated her left leg below the knee. After seventeen days she left Zintan and arrived in Tunis to continue her medical treatment.
Sanae patiently continues her journey dealing with pain, suffering, and treatment. Her injury testifies to the cruelty and inhumanity of Gaddafi and his followers. Her behavior, patience, and determination testify to the excellence of the Libyan children. The help of our donors and supporters testifies to the compassion and integrity of mankind. Sanae embodies the hope for a better future in Libya and she is a source of pride for Libya and all mankind.
قام رئيس مؤسسة إغاثة أطفال ليبيا الدكتور جمال محمد بوزيان بزيارة الطفلة الليبية سناء عبد المجيد والبالغه من العمر 16 سنة في مدينة تونس يوم الاحد 11 سبتمبر 2011 . في يوم 9 اغسطس 2011 كانت سناء وعائلتها مرافقيين لستة عائلات أخريات يستقلو أربعة سيارات مدنيه نازيحين من مدينة الزاويه, ومن ثم أطلقت عليهم كتائب القذافي سيل من النيران . أصيبت خالة سناء بإحدى رصاصات قناصه القذافي وكانت في الرأس ما بين العينين اردتها قتيله, خرجت سناء مع والدها من السياره التي كانت تركبها, أصابتها في رجلها اليسري قذيفة مدفع مضاد للطيران م ط من عيار 14.5 رما بها أحد جنود كتائب القذافي . وبحمد لله تمكن ثوارنا من الوصول إليها وأسعافها ونقلوها الي مستشفي مدينة الزنتان حيث قام الأطباء بعلاجها وبتر رجلها اليسري وبعد سبعة عشر يوما غادرت مدينة الزنتان ووصلت مدينة تونس لمواصلة العلاج. تواصل الطفله سناء رحلتها مع العلاج والألم والمعناه, وتبين أصابتها مدى وحشيه نظام القذافي وتصرفاته أللا أنسانية. وتظهر الطفلة سناء من خلال سلوكها على قوة صبرها وعلوا عزيمتها على إجتياز هذه المحنة وهذا أن ذل على شئ فهو يدل علي روعة أطفال ليبيا. فهي تجسد الأمل في مستقبل ليبيا الأفضل وهي فخر لليبيا.

In Memorial: Wafa Faozi

By Halema Buzayan

On the evening of Tuesday, July 26, 2011, I met with the parents of Wafa Faouzi, an eleven year old girl from the city of Kufra, Libya, to learn from them how it was that their daughter became an innocent victim of Gaddafi’s war against civilians. According to Wafa’s parents, on the morning of May 25, 2011, Wafa was playing in the yard with her siblings, cousins, and neighbors. The children were taking turns on the swing. I was surprised by the fact that children were allowed to be outdoors during a time of war. Her parents explained to me that any and all fighting that they had heard of in the city of Kufra took place in the city center, and not in the outskirts of the city where they reside. Additionally, the city of Kufra was liberated by freedom fighters early during the revolution and by May was considered to be under anti-Gaddafi control. However, at around 11:00 am on May 25, 2011, fighting took place nearby their home between pro and anti-Gaddafi forces. Shots were fired. In response to the gun shot sounds, the children all ducked for cover, with the exception of Wafa who was swinging. A single bullet entered from underneath her right axilla and exited from underneath her left axilla and Wafa collapsed. The children in the yard began screaming. Wafa’s mother rushed outside, expecting to find that one of the children had been stung by a scorpion (a common occurrence in Kufra), but instead found her daughter covered in blood. Wafa’s father rushed out and immediately drove his daughter to the Kufra hospital. After two days, Wafa’s parents drove her to Benghazi, for her medical condition required treatment that could not be provided at the Kufra hospital. Wafa and her parents left Kufra on May 27, 2011 and drove to Benghazi. Her parents explained that they were very fearful that Gaddafi forces would stop them on their way to Benghazi, but they were desperate to save their child. They arrived safely to Benghazi later that same day. They stayed 47 days in Benghazi before traveling to Tunisia. During their stay in Benghazi, they learned that Wafa had damage to her esophagus and spinal cord. Wafa’s mother always tried to feed her daughter and never understood why it was she couldn’t swallow until the diagnosis was made that damage was inflicted to her esophagus. Additionally, she begged her daughter to stand up and walk and never understood why it was that she couldn’t until the diagnosis was made that Wafa’s spinal cord had been damaged. On August 2, 2011, Polyclinique Les Berges du Lac produced a medical report for Wafa that explained that she suffered from a gunshot wound that caused trauma to the thoracic spine at D3 with complete paraplegia and chest trauma, specifically an esophageal wound and a right bronchopleural fistula. On the morning of Tuesday, August 9, 2011 Wafa passed away at Polyclinique Les Berges du Lac. This news came from her father. Wafa’s parents took their daughter’s body and traveled to Benghazi via aircraft that same day. Inna lilah wa ilayhee rajioon. Click here to see Wafa's medical records.