The Children of Libya Aid Foundation (CLAF) works to raise awareness in the United States about the dire conditions that children in Libya are continuing to live under. CLAF issues press releases and interviews with media organizations. CLAF also calls attention to reports regarding the current conditions of Libyan children as published by international organizations and human rights organizations.


Through support from medical institutions, professionals, businesses, charities, and caring individuals, CLAF works to provide medical relief to children injured during the 2011 Libyan Revolution. CLAF also extends support to children with medical conditions exacerbated by this revolution. CLAF activities in this area include the following:

  • Fundraising: CLAF raises funds to help cover expenses associated with the medical treatment of children receiving medical care in the US and children transported to medical facilities in countries neighboring Libya, such as Egypt and Tunisia.
  • Patient Sponsorship Abroad: CLAF arranges and coordinates patient sponsorship for children who have been admitted into medical institutions in neighboring countries of Libya.
  • Patient Sponsorship in the United States: Many children have sustained injuries or have been diagnosed with medical conditions that require levels of care unavailable in Libya or its neighboring countries. CLAF arranges for these children to receive the needed care by US hospitals and doctors who are known for their expertise and competency to care for such cases. CLAF is in contact with medical facilities and doctors in the United States who are known for their leadership and success in domestic and global medical programs, and who sympathize with injured children and are willing to bear the cost of their treatments or parts thereof.